7 Unique Ideas for Modular Kitchen Designs

03 Jun, 2019

Modular kitchen has become the first choice of today’s generation. It is getting popular as it proffers modern and aesthetic look to the place and much comfort to work. It is also easier to install and uninstall at any time. There emerge many modular kitchen designs which can fit in any size of space. For these reasons, people are opting more for modular kitchen in their homes.

Different ideas for modular kitchen

       1. Highlighting a small part of the kitchen

A single color in the kitchen makes it appear larger than its originality. But adding different color to a small part like in the side walls of the cooking platform and lower walls of the wall cabinets works well to accentuate the spaciousness.

       2. Use marble that reflects

Marble is highly selected by owners and interior designers, nowadays. Single light colored marbles in the kitchen reflects light and makes the space seems larger. If you find marble costly for you, there are also less expensive reflective materials which can be used in place of marble. It also emits the same effect. To add in with more ideas, you can contact modular kitchen manufacturers who are well-versed with such ideas.

      3. Large windows

Window in the kitchen always served as a good idea. It let in fresh air and natural light which adds in positive vibes and realistic energy.

      4. Pendant lamps

Hanging lamps have added a new idea in today’s modern kitchen. It may take up some space, but it also enhances the coziness of a small kitchen. Select the lamp that matches with the kitchen back ground and its height can be easily adjustable hanging it lower or up as per the convenience.

     5. Dining table and counter top combo

Installing two in one idea is getting popular for modular kitchen. For example, like extend the counter top a bit so that it can be used as dining table as well. When not used as dining space, it avails the extra work for other works as well. If you are ever planning for such two in one facility for your kitchen, contact to modular kitchen dealers in Nagpur. They can provide you the best suggestion and quality services.

    6. Make it look continue

For an open kitchen, it is a good idea to create continuity in the design and decor. Use the same wall paper as in living room and make it look like a part of the living room. You can also add some art work on the walls.

    7. Divide and conquer

Use a simple divider or a small wall to create a sufficient boundary that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house. The other side on the divider can be used as dining space. It also creates the illusion of more space.