Benefit by saving electrical energy using solar water heater

27 Jul, 2018

A device that can capture the solar energy i.e. sunlight purposely to heat the water, using a solar thermal collector, for serving various purposes like bathing, washing, etc. is termed as solar water heater. It can be used in different climates with varieties of configuration. Thermal panel (solar collector), a tank to store the water, circulating pump carrying solar energy from the collector to the tank, and a thermal regulator are the major part of the solar water heater. It can be installed on terrace or an open space where it can be faced to maximum sunlight. The system is handicapped of any on or off switches it is not using any electricity to serve the purpose. In last few years, the geyser dealers in Nagpur have shown interest in stocking the solar water heater.

Heating the water with solar energy is rewarding in many ways.

1. Environmental Impact: - the environment is polluted by emergence of various fuels which specially occurs by burning. Burning fossil fuels generates most of the energy leading to environmental problems. Here, we can take preclusive steps by using solar energy which is evenly found on earth and at free of cost. There is no environmental affect on using solar energy.

2. Energy dependence: - dependence on the fossil fuel companies can be deducted by using solar energy water heaters. It even lessens the nation’s reliance on foreign energy sources. Except in wet seasons and chilled days, sun energy is regularly supplied on land, so the days of the year can be showered with hot water using hot water.

3. Financial benefits: - well, everyone desires to be skinflint and save their funds. The greatest benefit of these water heaters is saving utility bill. As this device has no relation with any electrical energy, your pockets are heavier with extra bucks.

4. Maintenance: - generally these devices require very less maintenance thus saving your money regularly. Rarely it leakage which can be easily maintained by local plumber. If scaling occurs due to hard water, it can be cleaned timely using acid. Repaint the outer surface of the water heater in 2-3 years which can be optional.

Types of solar water heater

Active solar water heating system and passive solar water heating system are two main types.


• Direct circulating system: - In this system the household water is circulated by the pump through the collectors and into the home. It is better for rarely freezing climate.

• Indirect circulation system: - Heat transfer fluid is circulated by pump through the collectors and a heat exchanger. This in turn heats the water which when flows into the home. They are popularised in freezing climate.


• Integral collector storage passive system: - They are best used in the areas where the temperature rarely falls below freezing. They feed well during day and evening water needs.

• Thermosyphon system: - This system is reliable but due to its heavy storage tank, a careful attention should be required while placing it on the roof. When warm water rises, it flows through the system. Below the storage tank, a collector must be installed.

Today these devices of water heating based on solar energy are reliable when correctly matched with the climate. Though the current market has countable number of manufacturers but in a place like Nagpur, this can be the best choice. When, in any part of the year, there is insufficient light a back-up system plays its role to heat the water to the required temperature.