Fashion Tips For Cold Winter Weather

24 Nov, 2018

Fashion can be done throughout the year. There is no particular one season or limited reasons for fashion.

It is a world created by the creative minds with unique ideas for fashion lovers.

The students from fashion designing institutes in Nagpur during their fashion course have introduced many new designs and ways of wearing fashion in winter.

Let’s read the best ideas for fashion in a winter season.

1.            Long Sleeves & Turtleneck

Turtleneck is mostly welcomed in a winter season. A dress with turtle and long sleeves looks covered and warm. It is best for cold weather. It does a double work as a heat protector and style essential.

2.            Wool Coat

A wool coat is one of the best dresses for winter. It is the hardest winter stuff. It started wearing in winter continues for few next months. It is not only for providing warmth in cold days, but it also appears stylish wear with designed collars, big buttons, and pockets to rest your palm in. It’s a modern silhouette emoting the bold statement and of various colors. The wool coat is mostly loose fitting easily wearable on other chunky layers.

3.            Skinny Jeans

It is a most favored collection of a winter season. It is best coupled with various layers of warm clothes on top. The turtleneck with long sleeves, the wool cloth till thigh length, a shirt with leather jacket, etc. gives good company to skinny jeans.

It is one of the most demanded fashions among youngsters. The students of fashion design colleges in Nagpur ( )are seen wearing skinny jeans paired with stylized tops emitting their creative imaginations and fashion works.

4.            Cashmere Sweater

Nothing can beat cashmere crewneck sweaters. This elegant and stylized fashionable wear is both the ways easy to dress up and dress down. It pairs greatly with collared shirt protruding from underneath. It matches well with skirts, middies, jeans, pants, etc.

5.            Statement Coat

In winter season the outerwear on the body is more focused. A statement coat is available in bold colors. It adds a pop-up look to any neutral or all black outfit.

6.            Knitted Jumper Dress

These are cozy wears. It is best paired with tights and overcoat can be worn. It is next to one piece style and it goes with any style shoes. All the colors are suited in this kind wear.

7.            Blanket Wrap Scarf

It is an simple wear to any winter outfit. It can be worn in any style in cold days. You can wrap it around or can simply throw around the neck.

The fashion designing classes in Nagpur shows the various styles and ways to students to wrap and wear the blanket scarf.

8.            Leather Jacket

The catwalks organized by students of Indian fashion academy Nagpur display the art and creativity of theirs in various stylized and designer leather jackets.

A leather jacket is the best friend of almost every individual in windy and cold days. It can be worn with any style dress within.

It couples best with turtleneck t-shirts, blouse size top with pants or jeans, short top and jeans, etc.