Five Best Creative Uses of Bamboo

21 Nov, 2018

Bamboo is no more a hidden grass.  Being eco-friendly and versatile, it has become most popular used for manufacturing various products. Nowadays, bamboo is used extensively by architects and interior designers for decorating in various ways.

Basically, it is considered poor’s man asset and is not valued to extent which it should be in real.

Bamboo shoots are also used as food and an extensive helping element for absorbing co2, nutrients for further growth, soil erosion, etc.

The versatile nature of bamboo has provided various ideas to bamboo products manufacturer and made easier for bamboo products supplier to serve their valued customers.

Here are some different ways to style homes with bamboo.

1. Garden wall

Bamboo is weather resistant. The idea of using bamboo in making garden walls, sitting platforms in garden, and standard pots for big plants, etc. enhances the beauty and look of the garden great extent. As bamboo is cheap it leaves no restriction for user to count the number of bamboos. Bamboo being green, light green and yellow in colour matches beautifully with the green living surroundings and muddy ground emitting the luxurious appeal to eyes.

The interior designers Nagpur are the most connected people with the bamboo dealers in Nagpur. The interior designers have introduced bamboo in most useful and advantageous ways in decorating homes and offices.

2. Adding to living room

Bamboo can variably use in living room. One of the best ways to display bamboo can be added with greens in pots. The yellowish colour bamboo paired with growing greens emerges the aesthetic appeal in the place.

It is sometimes much cheaper than those indoor plants. It also requires little maintenance.

Bamboo home decor products in Nagpur avails the imaginary ideas to their valued and interested customers which fill the customers with great choices using bamboo in their homes and offices.

3. Dividing wall

Bamboo is a great idea to use as a divider or partition wall in offices and houses. Adding purpose to divide the space in more compartments, it also emits aesthetic looks and add sleek feel to the place.

The partition can be complete or halfway, it can be extended from floor to ceiling straight, or floor to midway as desired. The single colour bamboo can be focused to serve partition, or the mix colour layered in sequences also brings uncompetitive appearance

4. Kitchen cupboards

It is well known to bamboo users that it can be frequently used in kitchen in various ways. Making kitchen cabinets from bamboos is an excellent idea to put forward for the bamboo lovers. Being affordable and sustain high degree durability, it sleeks look completely works extensively to hold the tremendous look of kitchen space growing it to more adorable place.

5. Oversized lamp shades

Bamboo is now used to make large shades over hanging lamps. This is greatly welcomed in larger spaces which introduces a lush natural ambiance to the area. These pieces of large oversized lamp shades made out of bamboo emit a bold statement in the place.

It is widely seen in airport waiting area, big party halls, large community halls, etc.

It is best suited for larger spaces.