Importance of Decorative & Hardwood Plywood

19 Mar, 2018

Hardwood &decorative plywood is a panel made from an assembly of two or more piles of wood veneer. These layers are bonded together to form a finished sheet. Hardwood like maple, birch and red oak are used in creating plywood which is used in creating decorative items. This type of wood can be used in kitchen items. You will find all types hardwood plywood in the plywood shop in Nagpur.

Plywood is a very versatile material. It is used in construction, furniture making and crafts of wood. Decorative wood is used where the looks are more important. Hardwood comes from that are angiosperms i.e. they are not monocots. These trees are broad leaves. Hardwoods have higher density and are more fire resistant. Hardwood is used in creating high quality furniture like flooring, decks and other things which needs a longer life and aesthetics too. Hardwoods generally are dark red, white and dark brown. Hardwood is made by compressing wood fibres. These are used in making cabinets, paintings, floorings, furniture and counters. Hardwoods are durable, strong and resistant to cracking and splitting.


Uses Of Hardwood Plywood

Furniture:  Hardwood plywood is available many grades. Therefore it can be used in all types of furniture which needs strength and also the beauty.

Architecture: Hardwood is used for decorative purpose. It offers highly attractive wooden surface and the cost is very low as compared to the actual wood. In architecture it is used in flooring, wall panelling and also for doors & fixtures.

Musical Instruments: It is used for making various musical instruments like guitar, piano or violin.

Sport Equipments:  It is used in making various sports equipments like rackets, hockey sticks and skis etc.

Toys: It is used in making various toys like doll houses, swings, tree houses etc.


Advantages of Hardwood Plywood

  • Hardwood plywood is a very strong because of its structure. The adhesives used in making this plywood are even stronger than the wood itself. Secret to strength lies in the process it is made. While making this plywood the layers are arranged in alternative grain pattern in every layer.
  • Hardwood plywood is environment friendly, as it is made from renewable resource. Therefore it is better to use plywood than using solid wood as they are highly prized resource.
  • Hardwood plywood is preferred by architects and interior designers. It looks very attractive. None of the other materials can give more beautiful effective than the natural pattern and marking of hardwood.
  • Hardwood is a very durable and versatile material. There are numerous things which can be made from this plywood. You can use it to make chairs, kitchen furniture, wardrobes, musical instruments, sports equipment and even toys. This material won’t shrink, swell or even warp.

Hardwood is an engineered product which consists of layers of wood and it gives a finish of traditional wood. It is cost effective and environment friendly than traditional solid wood. Picker Online brings a list Plywood dealers who will fulfil all your requirements.