Little Masters in Kindergarten

19 Jun, 2018

Playschool can even be termed as preschool or kindergarten. It is the place where a child can spend his/her time all alone under the guidance of trained teachers and with fellow companies. The children aged from two and half years to five years are admitted in these schools. They can spend time nearly two to three hours daily on week days. It is different from day care centres. It should not be mistaken as day care. Days care centres provides the service for more than six hours whereas preschool is opened for limited hours.


Many parent starts dreaming of their child’s best education and career from the first day of his/her birth. They start value the schooling and education as their child grows. Planning of best education and finding the appropriate centres for it, becomes very important and top priority.

Kindergarten has become popular now day and people are seen crowded around these schools with their kids. The reasons behind this vary from person to person. Competition is one of the main reasons. People are emerging with the thought that if they don’t teach their child to face the outer world from their beginning of first steps than they may rank back in compare to others.

Now the counting of nuclear families is getting more in compare to joint families. One of the reasons for parents to look for playschool is that they want their child to get occupied in some activities. Being  the member of the nuclear family, parent don’t get enough time to spend with their child and hence they search out for centres where they can allow their kids to spend time for hours and in addition to learn some beneficial.


Playschool can be even considered as the preparation centre for a child before going to primary schooling. It is assured that kids are prepared here to stay without parents for few hours, get familiarized with different environment than homely, knowing and mixing with new faces other than family members, sharing and caring, being friendly and capturing the habit of being independent. These all mentioned qualities when taught in preschool and learned by kids; help the children in broad vision and immense growth in oneself.


As kindergarten dealt in handling kids of ages two to five, the faculty running these centres should be well educated, organised, and trained. Here the teachers should be polite and patient because kids vary as per their nature and teachers should be friendly to cope up with every kid smilingly and peacefully. Good faculty results in making a simple playschool, or preschool into the best play school with their effort and care.


Spending hours of time in playschool allows a child to handle the activities on their own. They learn to express their thoughts, feelings and creativity through their playful activities. Here they can explore their ideas of innovation while in group, which cannot be seen in home individually. They can be taught the morals of stories through small plays. The lessons of sharing and caring are embedded in them.

Parents try their possibility to arrange best comfort and luxuries for their kid. But it has been observed and noticed that there are many different books and toys, a kid can learn and play with which they are not provided in the home.

It has been experienced that hidden talents in kids can be mirrored while playful singing and dancing with friends and teachers. Teachers facilitate much more than just art and crafts during those hours. Reading and writing skills are taught to them.

Staying in group with fellow company, a child develops his language better. Repeating of words form teachers and other children help them to add and learn more vocabulary. Knowing different languages is also helpful in understanding and bringing each other more closely.

Self confidence is built in child through different structures of play. Parents detect in their kid, lack of self confidence which may be due to self organised.  But while playing in groups, they overcome this and develop a good level of confidence. From the early years of child, they are focussed on stage programmes in groups and solo. These programmes help to drain off the stage fear in them.

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The word ‘the best play school’ is meant to have well organised faculty with developed modern facilities and arrangements needed in reference to kid. The most important fact that needs to be considered is hygiene. The measures taken in related to kid’s health should be given prior importance. The ambience in and around the playschool or kindergarten should be neat and clean, the walls of the school should be painted with kids friendly images, playing material stuffs should be  soft and qualitative so as to avoid any kind of injuries . The loos must be washed and cleaned up timely to avoid infections among kids as their resistance power in a compare to adult is very low.


Preschool is the very first step of every child. It is given many preferences now day still there are parents who object to such schooling arguing that it’s not the age for kid to stay away from parents even for few hours.