Major Trends In Indian Real Estate

26 Nov, 2018

Real estate market was running hotter throughout the year and expected the same in the coming year. The present year has witnessed high growth in both residential apartments and commercial market. The Indian government has come up with many changes like demonetization, REITs, Benami transactions, and RERA. The real estate market is going to be great and beneficial for both buyers and seller.

Let’s eye on major trends in the real estate market that can define the guidelines for the real estate property developers to measure the rise and demand for the same in the coming years.

1.         Homes are selling faster than last year

The figure out data of the real estate industry shows that properties were selling 8-10% faster than the last years. This is exciting news for the sellers. It means that routes for selling homes are getting smoother and hopes are marking higher to sell the houses at the best profit. The raised demand for houses deducts the pressure for sellers to find the buyers. The sellers now can choose the buyers from hundreds that meet and agree to their selling demands.

It is measured from records that show the sale of residential property in Nagpur is much higher compared to past and hopes it flows in the same stream in the coming year.

There is seen a good competition between buyers. It is said in records that never before it was seen that more buyers needed to struggle to purchase the real estate from selective few ones.

2.         Home prices are higher than last years

Rarely, except in recession period, it has been marked successfully that the selling rate of real estate has increased nearly by 3-4% every year. But, there was a noticeable growth in selling prices by nearly 8-10% in last year.

Isn’t it good news for property sellers? Yes, it is. So, what you think, if you buy your property by this or next year, would you like to repurchase a new property, or maybe you like to hold the money for your old age savings. Just plan the best before you sell your property so that your money is not at waste.

3.         The real estate remains the hottest market everywhere

It has been valued from the recorded data and figured assumptions that the real estate market will be at peak in the coming year, no matter where ever from the seller of the property exists.

4.         What if a real estate holder is interested in holding the property this year?

Selling or buying property can be done anytime at a person’s wish and possibility. Though the market is running smooth and with great hopes for the coming year, but still one can’t forecast the future definitely. There is always a fearful thought if the real estate market is going to crash?

5.         Buyers are interested in any neighborhood

Just viewing the market flow and expecting price raise in next year for real estate property, the buyers are intended to show their wild interest in buying the property which has no easy access to highways and close proximity. Determined buyers are firm to compromise. They choose to spend on an unconventional area if they are in place to snatch a house.

So, even the owner of a property that lies in an unpopular neighborhood, still have great hopes for selling their estate at good profits. There flow buyers that overlooked for the time being the neighboring areas if the place truly interests them.


Whether you are a buyer or a seller, either way, you can take advantage of real estate property by measuring the above trends with the help of professional real estate property agent.