Nagpur Is A Good Place For Real Estate Investment

17 Nov, 2018

Nagpur, an Orange City, has come into light in last decade. And now recently with the introduction of metro in the city has made Nagpur one of the top cities to live in. Nagpur has been rated as the best city to survive due to various factors. It is counted as third most popular city in Maharashtra. Famously known as the Orange City, Nagpur has improved transport facility, the best health centres for all possible diagnosis, scenic places, quality life, and clean environment.

Known to all, Nagpur has attained heights success in an educational field. Students from different places are migrating in the city for quality and higher studies.

The place is also known as “Tiger Capital of India” due to wildlife sanctuaries and national parks around it.

When it’s questioned if Nagpur is good place for real estate investment, undoubtedly it is voted by many reasons that make people to invest in Nagpur real estate. You will find here friendly estate agents so no worries about it.

     1. Educational centres

There are many top educational institutes in the city which attracts students from other places to continue their further studies and acquire higher educational degrees. The place is well known for educational centres are Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and All India Institute of Medical services (AIIMS).

The city is loaded with nearly thirteen medical institutes and twenty seven engineering institutes.

     2. Industries

The based industries plus the developing industries has raised the land value in the city. The mining industries are the limelight of the place. Much government based mining companies headquarters are based in Nagpur city. Butibori in Nagpur, the biggest industrial estate in Asia is captivating. The city is embedded with reputed companies like Gammon India, Hyundai Unitech, ACC Nihon castings, etc.

Western part of the city is accompanied by nearly 900 industrial units.

     3. Tourist attraction

Nagpur city is spotted with many places that attract tourists’, nowadays. There are many remarkable places like seminary hills, Deekshabhoomi, Sitabuldi fort, Maharajbagh zoo, Ramtek, Adasa temple, etc. the place is embedded with sanctuaries and lakes. Ambazari Lake, Futala Lake, Shukrawari Lake, Bor Tiger Reserve, Pench National Park, Melghat Tiger Reserve, Tado-Andhari Tiger Reserve, etc. are some famous places in and around Nagpur.

     4. Transport

Nagpur has widely spread in all directions. More and more residential plots are turning into flats in Nagpur. This shows that city is getting busied with more people. The growing population shows the direct demand for more transport.

The place is always liked most for facilitating the best possible and easy ways of transport in ways, air and land. This transport facility always encourages outsiders and tourists to move in the city.

There is an international airport in Nagpur. The airport facility has connected Nagpurians to rest of the world. It becomes easier for Nagpurians to travel from homeland to any place around for any purpose in short duration.

Metro is another boon for the city. Though, it is under construction yet, but it will connect the entire Nagpur city and its people with minutes. The introduction of metro in the city has raised the price of Nagpur property. The property brokers are getting active with selling the lands and flats both residential and commercial. Peeping into future after a decade, Nagpurians are marking the approx price value of properties. To earn good profits, the person is trying to invest more in lands. Not only Nagpurians, but even the outsiders can calculate the future profits in investing in properties.

     5. Weather and climate

Nagpur is hottest place in summer. The scratching sun can raise one’s mood temperament to high. But, apart from it, it is experiencing good rainfall, and cool winter days. As known to many, it is third greenest place in the country, the evening hours can feel the cool breezes and the environment is pure and charming.