Points To Ponder Before Buying A Laptop

24 Jan, 2018

When we talk of laptops we all have varied needs, some of us work from home, or coffee shop, or trains or even aeroplanes. Hence we have different needs. We all use it differently. Therefore, there cannot be only one laptop which can be recommended for everyone. Laptop should be purchased on the basis of usage and not on the basis of popularity.

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a laptop which is completely terrible. Today, good quality components of laptop are not expensive. Therefore all the brands in the market are launching good quality laptops. But the question is which suits best to your needs? Choosing a right laptop means finding exactly what do you need and how do you need to pay to get that.

Before you walk into a store ask yourself a single question: what kind of laptop user are you?

This article guides you to choose a right laptop and not the best laptop

We can divide laptop users into categories like basic user i.e. a user who uses laptop only for web activities or emailing. The other type can be of gamers who want a robust battery backup at any cost.

You want to surf internet at home:

If you are going to use laptop only to write emails, surf the internet, or occasionally use word document or excel sheet. Your laptop need not have to be of very high quality. Go for a laptop which should have basic function and inexpensive.

You want to use it while travelling:

If you are a frequent traveller there is plenty more to explore. We consider power and portability. But we need to look beyond that. If we look go for a small laptop the keyboards can be difficult to operate. We will suggest you to go with notepads.  They are much faster and lighter. If you need more space, you can buy an external drive.

You want to use it for watching movies:

Some people use laptops for their digital entertainment. It is used as replacement for everything like TV, stereo, media player etc. In this case you need to consider a widescreen laptop with a high resolution. Picture quality should be bright and vivid. Also look for image distortion, inverted colours. Also check the quality of speakers. If you are into collecting movies and music album don’t settle for a smaller storage.

You want to use it for playing games:

You can play games on every laptop but the question is how well? If gaming is the criterion; you should look for components like graphic chip, processor, screen, battery strength and cooling system. Resolution of screen is one more detail you should look for. Go for a powerful processor. It will sort out issues like graphics, cooling and power. 

Whenever you are walking into a store make sure you tell the salesperson what exactly you want.

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