Strategy For The Preparation of Medical Entrance Exam

13 Jun, 2019

Medical line has always remained a great choice as a career for many students. Every year thousands of students are sitting for NEET medical entrance exam and a few hundred are able to pass out. To secure a rank in medical exams, the students need to focus a lot, deeply analyze the theory, and strategic plans to follow with determination.

    1. Time management

The students dedicated to make career in medical line very well understands the value of time. It needs not require explanation that any challenging and competitive exam needs to focus on optimum time management. List down your priorities and schedule the time accordingly. Devote more and more time in preparation. Medical lines always demands huge efforts for great success.

    2. Syllabus

Updated and right syllabus is the key to crack the medical exams. The medical exams cover NCERT syllabus. Compare the current syllabus you are going through and marked the common lessons. While preparing for medical entrance exams, you need not prepare it again. This will save your time and you can focus on those chapters that are uncovered in your current syllabus. For any additional help about medical syllabus, you can take help from top NEET classes.

    3. Follow NCERT books

Most of the 90% of the questions in medical entrance exams come from NCERT books. In addition to current syllabus, if the students read meticulously NCERT books, then they have high hopes to secure a rank in medical exams. The coaching classes like NEET classes in Nagpur focus on NCERT books a lot for various reasons. It gives depth understanding about complex topics, clears the concepts and formulas; language is simple, and strictly adhered to CBSE curriculum.

   4. Prepare a weekly schedule

It is nerve wrecking to secure rank in any competitive exam without any proper schedule. To complete the syllabus timely and leave sufficient time for revisions, you need to prepare a weekly schedule. A well planned study schedule is the key success to crack a rank. It will help to cover the school course and medical exam preparation the same time.

   5. Segregate tough chapters

In the total course study, some chapters are easy and a few sounds very tough. You need to segregate these chapters and marked it for repetitive revision. Allot time for each chapter and implement accordingly. This will for sure help you to cover all parts of the syllabus uniformly.

   6. Practice previous year papers

For medical exam paper pattern, there is no significant change every year. Solving previous year paper feeds students with a clear idea about paper pattern and what can be expected in the exam. It also helps to identify the changes in paper pattern in previous years if any and prepare accordingly. Practice makes you to gain confidence.

   7. Solve mock test papers and practice papers

In medical entrance exam, the students need to 180 questions in 180 minutes. Thus, solving mock test papers, and practice papers give them a practice to complete the questions on time. In addition to it, it also analyzes the preparation level for the exam; familiarize you with exam pattern and important topics, learn and practice time management, attain accuracy, get an experience of how can be the real exam, and fills you with confidence.


None of the competitive exams are an easy to crack and secure rank. Whether it is a medical exam or any other, the students need to put immense efforts to secure a rank. The above mentioned points are tried and very helpful for any students. With determination and dedication, you can achieve success in your life.