Role of Coaching Classes in UPSC Exam Preparation

19 Mar, 2019

To secure a position in UPSC exams, the aspirants need to make thorough preparations. The exams pattern keep changing and the students need to stay alert with it. It is literally a tough task and the candidates are in need of proper guidance. Apart from self study, there is also the need of good coaching classes where the students get the additional support and guidance from the expert faculties to prepare for the exams.

In addition to support and guidance, there are many other advantages of UPSC coaching classes. Let us focus on some points that we have collected from the reviews of the students of IAS coaching classes in Nagpur.

Role of Coaching Classes


  • Dedication and motivation is must for any exam

These two factors are the key success to crack any competitive exam. If you come across the students of UPSC classes in Nagpur, you get to measure their extreme level of determination and discipline they maintain throughout their preparation period. This is the reason for their success.

The well-experienced UPSC classes plans engaging and fruitful study strategies for students to follow and achieve success goals. The faculty keep tracking with the student’s regular studies and motivate them in case of lacking behind in any subject.

  • Tricks and competition

In self study, the students mostly fall in a false perception that they have well-prepared them and ready to secure the position in UPSC exams. But, when they interact with many other students in coaching classes, they get to learn additional things which they would have missed out.

In coaching classes, they are also taught about the tricks and tips that allow them to solve the exam paper within time limit. They also get to learn the new tricks from other students. Sharing of notes and ways of writing answers is only possible in coaching classes.

Secondly, during self study, the candidates have no one to compete with and, therefore they have no ideas what they’re missing out. In coaching classes, the regular test series and the verbal discussion gives a tough competition to students. It reminds them that they have to compete in better ways with lakhs of candidates in the final exams.

  • Expert faculty

Undoubtedly, when you have experts standing over your head all the time, the preparation must be going well. During self study, if you get stuck to any problem and you have no guidance to solve it, you simply leave it of get stuck with it. It is the biggest advantage of coaching classes that the expert faculty are always there to solve out the doubts and explain you in further simpler ways.



The need of coaching classes is unavoidable. There are toppers who have cracked the exams with self studies only, but the efforts and interest taken by the coaching classes has also resulted great for students.