Taste of Nagpur

13 Jan, 2018

India is definitely a land of hundreds spices, aromas and culinary traditions. Undoubtedly, India is a wonder land for foodies. Given to the size and population of Nagpur City there are hundreds of different multi-cuisines to be found here. Nagpur city is filled with restaurants that capture the best of its local cooking.  You will find every type of eating place right from street eateries to some fine dining restaurants.

Eating out in Nagpur is a vivid experience that will make your mouth water just thinking about it. There are two types – the road side food trucks and tea shops and the hotels that make elaborate menu.
As for what’s on menu, the one thing you just can’t escape is famous ‘chana poha’ of Nagpur.

However, being in the central part of India you get everything right from stuffed parathas with curd to  idli, dosa with chutney and sambar. And also Maharashtrian dishes like wada pav etc.
Nevertheless, going out to restaurants for relaxation had been a pretty unusual trend for most of the Indian households until ascend of the great Indian middle class post liberalization. Since Modern western has an effect on percolated down, life-styles and also food behaviour of Indians commenced to modify.

A growing number of young people started to depart from home to be employed in other locations and towns and to them takeaways and eating out grew to become essential. This is combined with a rise in expendable earnings along with a common readiness to pay for the really enjoy of dining out.The transforming everyday life , ascend of the nuclear household , a lot more females moving out of their conventional functions to venture out and work , quick urbanization are a few of the elements responsible for the development of the restaurant business in India . Along with that is the greater exposure to global lifestyles and cuisines. A growing number of Indians are displaying an increasing desire for food for a variety of cuisines ranging from Chinese and Italian to Mexican and Middle Eastern.

Increased knowledge of international cuisines coupled with a more substantial disposable income is leading many Indian customers to look for experiential eating or fine dining. Fine dining is not just about going out and eating. Fine dining is about elevating the dining experience of consumers through ambience, décor, presentation of the food, quality of service, use of gourmet ingredients, etc.
Deluxe or fine dining is gradually coming of age in India. At the same time as dining places are placing a lot of importance on providing high-quality food and also exceptional dining room feel , Indian buyers regarded as quite price sensitive are prepared to shell out ever more on experiential meal .  Welcome to the refreshingly restaurant in Nagpur.

Following are some popular restaurant of Nagpur.

  1. Puransingh Dhaba & Restaurant
  2. Median Grilled Food’s
  3. Coriander Leaf
  4. Kareem’s
  5. Hotel ND Katta
  6. Meeraswami Restaurant
  7. Haldiram’s

 At Picker online we have come up with the list of all vegetarian, non – vegetarian, Chinese, Italian and continental restaurants of Nagpur.