The Best Materials That Are Mostly Used For Making Furniture

30 Nov, 2018

Furniture are the most common and essential decorative pieces in every house and working place. This furniture is made from different materials, like wood, plastic, steel, aluminum, and metal.

The durability and the longevity of the furniture often depend on the material type used. The productivity is not only the main aim of the commercial furniture manufacturers, but they focus mainly on quality and durability plus the term technique that is used to make furniture.

     1. Wood

It is mostly used common material for making furniture. There are different types of woods and plywood that are used for making furniture. Commercial furniture suppliers mostly collect the furniture made of this ancient type of material. It is the best material for its durability, reliability, and strong nature.

There are two types of wood used for the same purpose. They are softwood and hardwood. The softwood trees are used for its flexibility. The hardwood trees are used for its durability. The commercial furniture dealers Nagpur mostly prefer to sell more of the furniture made of softwood as these trees grow fast and, therefore, cheaper. That’s why the furniture made from these woods is also cheaper compare to furniture made from hard woods.

  • Oak tree

In wood category, oak wood is for it d durable nature. Oak has open pores which absorbs and hold colours in it. Red oak and pinkish shade oak, both are widely used for making furniture. The furniture made of it is having a prestigious feel.

  • Mahogany

It is always counted for making furniture for its durability and strength. The best property of mahogany is that it does not shrink and swell. Therefore, it is mostly preferred for carvings fine designs and structures.

     2. Plastic

Earlier plastic was mostly used for chairs only. But, nowadays, measuring its durability and popularity, it is widely used making tables, stools, and kids study tables and chairs, etc. it is lightweight and easily stored anywhere.

Thermoplastic are more eco-friendly than any kind of other plastics. It can be easily melted down and recycled. Because of its loose molecular bonding, the furniture made out of it is flexible.

     3. Metals

It is known for its high melting point and density. It can be easily turned into different shapes without breaking it. The types of metals used for furniture are aluminum, wrought iron, and steel. It requires minimum maintenance and stands for long. It is the best in offering the traditional and classic looks and does not easily rust if the maintenance is regular.

The furniture made from the metals has the benefit of having holes and different designs can be carved to give it beautiful look.