The Customer’s Rights and Responsibilities with Movers and Packers

07 Sep, 2018

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Packers and movers are the professionals who provide the paid services to relocate the office or home goods either locally, or any other places, nationally or internationally. Packing and moving are not simply two words, but it literally involves a team of people to start and end up the complete task perfectly with the minutest details and timing. Though there is no requirement of any particular degree to start as packers and movers, but a candidate with at least graduation will perform better as it involves the works like quotation, listing, insurance, and managing work on time.

While dealing with any professional packers and movers’ one should know the rights and responsibilities as a client to delete any hassles.

Know the rights of customer: -

  • Ask for the company quotation which opens up the service charges and the hidden amount which often are not discussed orally. It is unethical if any packing and moving companies charge you more than the written figures in the quotation.
  • It is advisable to read thoroughly the document that contains relevant moving information. One should not put the signature on the partially filled document as the incomplete details may vary that from orally agreed.
  • One can get the written assurance from cargo movers and packers for timely deliverance. It allows claiming from them if delayed in delivery.
  • It is better to have a written assurance from the company for ensuring for the damage and loss of the goods if any during relocation.
  • Insurance cover is asked for all the moving goods to compensate for any future loss. All, the national packers and movers are availing this service to their valuable customers. Well, this definitely cannot compensate for your attachment with the goods, but it can cover the financial losses.
  • Gather all the required details about the working staffs that will carry on with relocating your goods. The top movers and packers company’s staffs are provided with the proper identity to work on the company’s behalf.
  • The packers and movers in Nagpur gives facility to choose the mode of payment in cash, credit card, debit card or any other options.
  • One can get the quotation from different companies and can bargain for the reasonable cost.

Responsibilities as a client: -

  • The first and foremost duty as a customer is to go thoroughly every printed word in the document before signing it. You can put as many queries to clear all the doubts.
  • It is essential for your physical presence at the new location during unloading to match all the luggage arrived as per the inventory list.
  • It is your crucial duty to notify the household shifting company if for any reasons the address or delivery dates changes.
  • If the transport is shared with the other customer then you should be aware of the route the transport will reach to your destination.
  • The quality of the packing materials provided by the home shifting services should be checked and can be asked for better quality if not up to satisfaction.
  • You are bound to pay the complete figure as noted in the quotation and signed by you.
  • Your presence is essential at the time of packing and unloading both.