What Are The Different Facts About Glass?

28 Nov, 2018

Glass is a material that is widely used for different purposes. There are various types of glasses. It is widely used in building construction.

How glass is made?

It is well known to many glasses users that sand is used to make glasses. The sand is heated to extreme temperatures. Then it is allowed to cool down and put in shapes as desired. There are predesigned frames that are used and even it can be blown to any shapes.

Different additives can be used to make the glasses decorative. Nagpur Glass Company stocks and avails the different colours and designed glasses.

What are the properties of glasses?

      1. Transparency of the glass

It is the main property of any glass that allows the vision on the other side. There are glasses that have the transparency from either both the sides, and one of the sides.

      2. Strength of the glass

It depends on modules of rupture value of glasses. Glass is usually brittle in nature, but adding admixtures and laminates, it can be made stronger.

The glassware wholesale suppliers avails the different designs, colours, and sizes of glasses, especially to the building construction site as these glasses are widely and variedly used in buildings and houses.

      3. Workability of glass

It can be blown into any shape, or moulded into any shape by pouring into different frames.

      4. U value of glass

The glasses emit heat. How much amount of heat is transferred by glass is represented by u value. Lower u value means the glass is said to be insulated unit.

      5. Recyclable

All the glasses are recyclable. It can be used as raw material for construction.

What are the types of glasses?

There are many types of glasses available. The glassware dealers in Nagpur keeps all the types of glasses as these are widely used for construction. Nowadays, the glass look in the houses and offices has become common fashion. People like to have glass touch in their spaces as this emits the rich and transparency making the space looks lush and broader than in real.

      1. Float glass

It is made of sodium silicate and calcium silicate. It is also known as soda lime glass. It is clear and flat and causes glare. These are mostly used as shop fronts, public places, etc. It can weigh 6 kg/m2 up to 36kg/m2. Its thickness varies from 2mm to 20mm.

      2. Shatterproof glass

This glass is used for windows, skylights, floors, etc. Because of plastic polyvinyl butyral present, when it breaks, it does not form sharp edged pieces.

      3. Laminated glass

It is heavier than normal glasses as it is the combination of many normal glasses. It is UV proof and sound proof. It is mostly used for aquariums, bridges, etc.

      4. Extra clean glass

Photocatalytic and hydrophilic are its two special properties. These properties enhance its beauty look and emits satin look. Maintenance is an easy task while handling this glass.

      5. Chromatic glass

It protects the interior from sunlight and controls the transparency efficiency of glass. It is used ICU’s, meeting rooms, etc.

      6. Tinted glass

A coloured glass is known as tinted glass. When a colour producing ingredient is mixed with sand mixture, different coloured glasses are made from it.