Which Places in Perth in Australia Attracts Tourists?

27 Nov, 2018

Perth, western city in Australia faces the maximum sunlight compare to other places. Australia is known as one of the best tourists place. For the different fascinating places, Australia is buzzed with numbers of tourists every year. There are different famous destinations in Australia to visit.

Perth is one among it. Above Perth, the banks are lined with vineyards. Let’s view some of the places for which it attracts tourists every year.


      1. Swan River

  • An excellent venue for people who likes to enjoy sunny day
  • Best for swimmers and an excellent picnic site
  • The water sports can be the most exciting for tourists over here


Whenever, you visit Swan River, look for the best international holidays packages. The best of these packages is that it lays the details of the places that are must watch.

Not to miss: -

  • The Quokka on the Rottnest land is known as the selfie land and cutest marsupial.
  • Indian Ocean at Cottesloe beach


      2. Town of broom

This place is visited by most of the travellers.

  • It has rich n colourful history
  • Most populous town of the Kimberley
  • Having pearling industry
  • Dry season is best for tourists to visit there

Mostly the tourists just get the place name suggestions from friends and families. Even the travellers don’t go in deep details about each place. But, nowadays, the international tour package dealers provide the best package deals with minor details of the places which can excite anyone to visit the places.

What not to miss: -

  • Camel rides during the sunset along white sand beach
  • Dampier Peninsula is great to explore


      3. Margaret River

It is the place which needs not to be missed by scenery lovers. Good food, friendly locals, and beaches are the great attraction.

  • Known for its top quality wines and foods
  • World class wineries to explore


This place is famous for its wine yard across the world. Therefore, the tourists are greatly excited to visit the place. But, few of them only know the details and like to visit for it. But, if a tourist contact with any international tour agent to visit best places in Australia, then he/she will sure suggest to look for Margaret River. Even the cheapest international tour packages include the place in their list of offers.

Not to miss: -

  • Boranup Karri Forest known as the national and state forest. It is the third largest species of trees in the world.
  • Watch the most beautiful sunset at Surfer’s point over the Indian Ocean in Prevelly.



Australia always remained within top ten in the list of the best international tour agents. Every year Australia is explored by numerous tourists and fetches enormous good name and popularity for its marvellous insight places.