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Famous Astrologer Dr.Shri Mithun Winner of many International Awards as Best Astrologer & Vastu Shastra Expert globally. Welcome to the home page of Dr. Shri Mithun, International Awards Winning Astrologer & Vastu Expert. Why Dr. Shri Mithun ? He is a Gold Medalist & has also won many International Awards in Best Astrologer & Best Vastu Shastra Expert category for many years. Dr. Shri Mithun is one of the best professional astrologer globally who has always received 5 star ratings from his worldwide clients. He is associated with many International Astrological Research organizations from UK, France, Kenya, Croatia & Austria. Accurate chart readings & predictions based on Dynamic Astrological Principles which no other astrologer in India is capable to deliver. Dynamic Astrology is the worlds most accurate & revolutionary way to see past & future events of any individual. Its based on the best principles of authentic Vedic, KP & European Astrology. Clients come to him with various types of problems in their life be it their personal/ education/ job/business/marriage/health/disputes/vastu or others. They all had some planetary problems, because problems are created by planets according to their positions in individuals birth chart. He has removed planetary obstructions of countless clients as a result his clients are more successful than ever before. His predictions are always accurate & remedies are very effective as well as easy to use. His client list includes reputed names from every field to common man. Many bright astrological research students have completed their astrological research under Dr. Shri Mithun, today they have established themselves globally as good astrologers. Education: He has completed his Phd in Astrology (London), PG in Medical Astrology (London), PG in Vedic Astrology, PG in KP Astrology & PG in Vastu Shastra. He has been practising astrology since 2008. Area of Practice: His practice area covers all avenues of Astrology & Vastu Shastra.

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