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Sleuths India is a private detective agency awarded by The President of India and by MoS, Ministry of Home Affairs with all-India presence and over 21 years of industry experience. We're not only an acclaimed detective agency in Mumbai but also an organization synonymous with excellence in investigation. We're one of only few detective agencies in the country with an active membership to top trade associations such as APDI, WAD, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chambers of Commerce, CII (Confederation of Indian industry), NASSCOM, DMA (Delhi Management Association).

Sleuths India has the largest team of investigators in the industry and our team is known for using only the most sophisticated technologies in the world. Our management team comprises Ex Intelligence Bureau, Police, RAW and Army Officers, which is one of our USPs other agencies don't have. Sleuths India is the only agency with the distinction of having solved over 5,000 cases across industries which gives it the leadership position in the industry.

Over the years, Sleuths India has become perhaps the most trusted detective agency in Mumbai for its professionalism, an array of investigative services and great results with cases. We have offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune and Lucknow with all of them equipped with the latest spy gadgets, spy camera and modern investigative equipment. We're among a select group of agencies to serve private, public and government sectors, with equal confidence and efficiency.

As a top private detective in Mumbai, we have an enviable track record and our work ethics and commitment to work is next to none. Our services and team are consistently hired for solving cases from a diversity of spectrum including personal investigation, professional cases, matrimonial searches, corporate investigations, employment searches, counterfeit investigation etc.

Sleuths India is a reputed agency in true sense as it has access to the databases and information generally out of bound for other players in the domain. As a top private detective in Mumbai, we look to deliver results by following industry's standards and by being within the law. We have well-oiled machinery comprising undercover agents and private detectives who work in unison and follow utmost professionals to deliver results and maintain the highest level of secrecy for cases.

Sleuths India is led by the matchless vision of Mr. Naman Jain, who's a multi-award winning MD of Sleuths India, having won the 'Young Investigation Entrepreneur Award' (was awarded By the President of India, 2012) and the "Investigation Entrepreneur of the Year Award" for 2014 (by MoS, Ministry of Home Affairs). He has personally solved many complex cases which has earned his respect from the peers and experts alike in the industry.

Our director, Nidhi Jain, who has won the prestigious "Investigation Leadership Award" in 2017, awarded by the Honorable Minister of Tribal Affairs in India, is one of pillars of the agency. She looks after the operations and ensures coordination between different branches of Sleuths India.

Sleuths India is also the most widely covered agency by media houses with our good works and contribution regularly getting attention across platforms. We have won mentions and coverage in newspapers as prestigious as The Economic Times, The Hindustan Times, The Times of India, India Today, Deccan Herald, DD News and many more. This easily puts us alongside top detective agencies in Mumbai.

Further, the team of Sleuths India comprises both lady and male detectives who work in unison and get assigned to cases as per specific requirement. We have the manpower and experience to deliver results and that's why we remain the best agency by a long margin.

With Sleuths India, you find a top detective in Mumbai for cases of any nature.

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