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Let Parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of Reverence
Rithwik( name changed)a grade 7 student, has a different story. His parents separated ( not legally) after a long association of 16 years. He obviously is the center of attention of both the parents and enjoys this status all the more. Unlike other kids from broken families (heartbroken) this child had perks of separation. Now, his mother who played a dual role as both the parents was too perplexed about her own parenting. His father would focus on spending quality time with his kid, for whatever span he'd be with him. He never failed to bring him expensive and exquisite gifts viz; phones, gadgets, etc.
Rithwik would have gala time every weekend, dining out with parents, watching a movie, shopping, and similar indulgences. Now he's smart enough to understand that it's his prerogative to make choices. But the latent tussle of his parents over him was taking a toll on his future. He was pleased with everything around but studies.
This time our challenge was to hunt for a teacher who'd be happy to be taken for a ride. Someone who'd enjoy his pranks and games and very sensibly revert him towards Studies...too tough. But we got one... So, the teacher would not only play matches with him but also assign him academic targets. He'd also reward the boy for his performance in studies. While Rithwik would look forward to chess, football matches with his teacher, the Tutor would religiously give us feedback about his improvement in studies.
A tough and long journey though, we achieved the goal, Rithwik is no more failure. He maintains a balance between play and studies.

Salma Anjum

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