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Safex Pest Management is located at Rameshwari square, Nagpur.
It is well-known for providing the pests control services in the city. It has taken initiative to provide the various services related to pests control.

Safex Pest Management provides general pests control services which is meant to give rid from cockroaches, red ants, black ants, silver fish, millipedes, etc. these all are general household pests and it is essential to get relief from it timely.It provides the chemical barrier to control termites which are one of the most dangerous pests. The termite control service is provided for both the constructed and under construction buildings.Rodents are counted as the worst pest in the house. looking from the health point of view, rodents are disease causing vector. Therefore, Safex Pest Management has taken special measure to control this life threatening pests in your house.

Flies are the most irritating pests anywhere. It seems too small, but it spreads life ending diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery, etc. it is always recommended to get relief of these tiny, but dangerous flies in your home. Simply contact to Safex Pest Management and get the easiest solution to it. Bed bugs and mosquitoes cant be forgotten. They are the enemies or your sound sleep. Mosquitoes are responsible for the diseases like malaria, dengue, chick gunia, filarial, etc. All these diseases risk your life if not taken care timely. It is advisable to contact Safex Pest Management to get the best solution for it. It is also expert in removing bugs from your house. Wooden articles are mostly damaged by the powder post beetle. Safex Pest Management controls these by penetrating chemicals in the affected part and spray chemicals on furniture.

Undoubtedly, by serving such valuable services to control the pest in your house, Safex Pest Management is ranking as top in the pests control industry. It provides all the above mentioned services at affordable cost.

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Wonderful experience in termite treatment Use oderles chemicals and also given warrnty of treatment , I am very satisfied of... services

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