The Chicken House

  • Kamptee Road, Link Road, Kwade Chowk, Gaddi Godam
         Mohan Nagar, Nagpur - 440001.



The Chicken House - (Opposite Gol Bazar, Gaddi Godam Chowk, Kamptee Road, Nagpur)

It is most famous butcher shop in Gaddi Godam. It offers Very good quality chicken such as broiler chicken, cockerel chicken, desi and leghorn chicken and more.

A List of Business Services:-
* Quality Chicken
* Broiler Chicken
* Cockerel Chicken
* Desi Chicken
* Leghorn Chicken

Our Mission:-
Provides customer satisfaction for our world-class customers at a reasonable price.

* Offers Best Quality Chicken
* Wholesale and Retail Supplier
* Live and Dressed

Providing Excellence in Our Service:-
The Chicken House devoted to providing excellence in our service to constantly providing high customer satisfaction, top quality chicken at a low-cost.

Opening Hours

Mon 8:00am - 11:00pm
Tue 8:00am - 11:00pm
Wed 8:00am - 11:00pm
Thu 8:00am - 11:00pm
Fri 8:00am - 11:00pm
Sat 8:00am - 11:00pm
Sun 8:00am - 11:00pm

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The Best of All chicken Shops!!