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Tuition has become essential for kids. What are the reasons behind it? Is that the child is not capable of completing the syllabus timely and or the education process is not well develop. It has been a debate always why after spending a major part of the day in the school, still we need tuitions. The bottom line is that home tutoring is in demand. It is beneficial for the candidates who have weak grasping power, and for those who desires to stay prepared updating the syllabus timely and achieve the best results. For many such reasons, parents are looking for home tutor to assist their kids in studies and secure the level of confidence and self learning. A tutoring class provided to a student for academically improvement in a private, homely environment is termed as the home tutoring. Though, home tutor in Mumbai charges are high in comparison but it adds benefits to a child. They provides personalized attention, tutoring at one’s confidence, additional concentration is given on particular subject, further better assessment on one to one coaching, and these all adds up to improvise the scores. The concept that is clear is easily understood and remembered. This personal tutor is an added benefit for better academic results in today’s competitive world.